I had really good intentions about keeping up with this blog!  Unfortunately, working full time and having a child under one really sucks up time! Honestly, when I’m not at home running after a baby, I’m running around at work. Most nights when I get home, I just want to kiss my baby good night and curl up on the couch next to my husband. We don’t get much time together as he works days and I mostly work nights. Our time together is precious…even if it’s mostly catching each other up on our days then going to bed.

Motherhood has been an awesome, yet challenging journey. There has been a few learning curves but we almost made it a year! Jonah’s starting to get the hang of eating solid foods and working on walking. I can’t get over how much I love this kid! Despite how tired I am and how frustrated he can make me, I am in awe of this gift God’s given me!


I hope to try to work on this blog more and form some lasting relationships with other bloggers. To all the mamas out there…how do you balance it all?