1. a place used as a retreat or a hiding place.
1. designed to be concealed when not in use.
synonyms: retreat, refuge, hiding place, hideout, den, bolthole, shelter, sanctuary, sanctum

     I grew up free. Afternoons were spent with scraped knees and bruises, running and hiding through corn fields, exploring the wooded areas that boarded the horse pastures, and splashing in the creek on humid summer days. When I needed to rest, the barn was my sanctuary. I could often be found curled on a straw bale with a book and a cat on my lap, listening to the barn swallows chirping in the the rafters, and the rhythmic chewing of the horses nibbling on sweet hay.  My closest friends were the horses, goats, chickens, and cats. Many life lessons were learned there that can’t be taught anywhere else, such as the rewards of hard work, the cycle of life, and the beauty of living simply.  I couldn’t imagine growing up any other way.

     Unfortunately, we must all grow up. After returning from two years of college, I got a job, and eventually married my sweetheart, and moved away from the farm. At first I was excited to be on my own, starting my own little family in my own little house. I stayed away for far too long. But whenever I did drive back the long, winding lane, I marveled at the sense of peacefulness that enveloped me. Far away from busy streets and the hectic reality of adult life. I guess I finally realized that this farm has always been my sweet refuge.

     Now with a little one of my own, I want him to grow up as free as I did. I don’t want his life to be consumed with electronics and the silliness of kids today. I want him to grow up to be a kind, hardworking man. Hopefully, someday, he’ll be living in the same house I grew up in.

     My parents are aging and keeping up the farm is getting to be more trouble for them. My husband and I are hoping to take over…once we figure out how to make our little family farm profitable again. This blog will document our story (travels, recipes, and life in general)…I hope you, dear readers, tag along!